Our labels

B.O.W. society reflects our vision of wine.

We work with winemakers that have been certified as organic farmers. Taking a stand against the productivist and industrial trends of the past decades, we make a balanced use of the soils and use natural products.

We are comitted to actively participate in maintaining an ecological balance and minimize our environmental impact. Our goal is to work with products that are good for the health and at the same time enjoy the richness our terroirs have to offer.

B.O.W. commercial strategy is oriented towards sustainable development.

Organic farming

Organic farming is subject to very precise specifications. It is a particular mode of production characterized by the non-use of synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms (GMO), pesticides and fongicides.

The production process of organic grapes involves also a yearly inspection carried out by a certified independent body recognised by the ministry of Agriculture and the ministry of Economy and Finances.

Since the 1st august 2012, there are new rules concerning organic vinification. It also involves the use of chemical additives.



ECOCERT is an inspection and certification body organism recognised by the ministry of Agriculture and the ministry of Economy and Finances. It exists in over 80 countries around the world.


France Vin Bio (anciennement FNIVAB)


Until recent times, European charts took into account only the production of organic grapes but not the actual process of vinification. This is the reason why did not refer to “organic wines” but rather to “wines made from organic grapes”. Only grapes were contemplated by the 834-2007 and the 889-2008 charts. Only after the 2012 harvest are wines allowed to be refered as bio, due to their organical vinification. Only the millésimes before 2012 would be refered as “wines made from organic grapes”.